Mark Hyatt-ceo

Mark Hyatt is a passionate educational entrepreneur. His favorite quote is: “If you save one child, you save the whole world”. Calling Colorado home since 1970, He’s served as a fighter pilot squadron commander in the Air Force, advisor to Secretary of Defense, current White House Administration and previous President on school choice, safety, social climate and culture issues. He’s also served as Vice Commandant at the USAF Academy, Director of their Center for Character and Leadership Development, President of the largest charter school in Colorado, The Classical Academy, and Executive Director of the Charter School Institute in Denver. He’s testified at the Colorado Legislature to keep partial funding to public schools for Home school students. Most important job: Married 40 years, three children and five Grandchildren. 


John H. Herd-OPS Director

John Herd plans and coordinates the Falcon Aerolab weekly activities, as well as interacting with and guiding students.  He brings extensive leadership/organizational management experience.  He holds a BS in Organizational Behavior from the USAF Academy and two Master of Science degrees. He's a retired Colonel with over 26 years of service in the US Air Force.  His passion for Aeronautics can be traced back to his time in the USAF where he served as an aircraft maintenance officer on a multitude of fighter aircraft including:  A-10’s, F-111E & EF-111A’s, F-16’s, F-15C & E’s. John commanded six different times during his career, four Squadrons and two Logistics Groups.  These organizations ranged in size from 400 to 1,700 personnel with requirements to manage multi-million dollar budgets.  He was also involved in the establishment of an operating location for a seven nation coalition force to engage in Combat Ops.  Since retiring he’s worked as COO at Aesir Group International, engaging in team building and leadership training in the Washington DC Intelligence Community. He then worked several years as the Senior Military/Defense Advisor to Congressman Doug Lamborn, 5th District Colorado until starting a consulting business.



Lee Cross has more than 38 years of success in business and defense related leadership roles. He served as an Air Force officer and aviator for 25 years and as a financial advisor/planner for 13 years. He has extensive experience in aviation operations and training, project management, personal financial planning, contract negotiations, new business development, organizational restructuring, and labor relations.  His education credentials include an MA degree in Business Management/Industrial Production from Central Michigan University and a Bachelors of Science in Political Science/International Relations from the USAF Academy.  Lee is married to Janis Cross and they have six adult children.  His interests include volunteer work, fly fishing, hiking, gardening, woodworking, traveling and wildlife photography.



Thomas Neff leads our students in the construction, flight and repair of our R/C aircraft projects. He has been a R/C pilot for over 45 years, earning many titles and taking part in international competitions.  He is widely known for his expertise in R/C flying and is current president of the Airpark Elite Radio Control Club. He is also vice president for Academy of Model Aeronautics- District 9. He holds multiple licenses and certifications such as: certified FAA sUAS part 105, certified AMA instructor, turbine instructor, and heavy aircraft inspector. Thomas is a R/C flight instructor for Wings Aerospace Academy. He has experience teaching classes about remote control aircraft, sUAS projects in design and STEM related subjects. He also serves as an Aerospace officer and chief flight instructor for MARC R/C flight academy.



Jeff Thompson holds a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from the United States Air Force Academy and a Masters Degrees in Management from Webster University. He is also a graduate of the Air Force's Air to Ground Operations School, the Army Command and General Staff College and the Air Force Air War College.  He retired from active duty as a Colonel and Command Pilot (F-4E, F-4G, F-15A/C aircraft); his years of service included command and staff positions in America, Europe and Asia.  Upon retiring from active duty, Jeff taught Secondary Mathematics at the Thomas MacLaren Charter School until joining the Falcon AeroLab. He and his wife have three daughters. 


JOSIAH BALL - Registrar

Josiah Ball is the Falcon AeroLab Intern. Josiah graduated from The Classical Academy, College Pathways in 2017 with an Associates Degree from Pikes Peak Community College, and is currently pursuing a mathematics degree at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Josiah is a man of deep Christian faith. His hobbies include studying the Bible, hiking 14ers, rock climbing, skiing, and enjoying fellowship with his friends.